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International delivery

Shipment within EU

We send to almost every country within the EU. The countries where we already ship to are listed below. The prices are for a package up till 20kgs. You can check the approximate weight in the checkout.

Shipment outside the EU

It's possible to order our products from outside the EU. The price for shipment outside the EU are €27,00 per package and an additional €6 kilo deposit. At this moment, shipments outside the EU are available on request. For more information, contact us!

Can't you find the country you are looking for? Contact us for the possibilities!

Countries within the EU where we ship to:

Austria €17,50
Belgium €12,50
Croatia €32,50
Czech Republic €22,00
Denmark €18,00
Finland €23,00
France €17,50
Germany €12,50
Greece €32,50
Ireland €23,00
Italy €19,00
Luxembourg €15,00
Poland €24,00
Portugal €22,00
Spain €20,00
Sweden €24,50

How to proceed

To choose for international shipment, you go to your Shopping Cart. After putting in all the products you would like to order, you click "Continue to Checkout" (Dutch: Ga door naar afrekenen). Here you can change the country where the package has to be shipped to. After filling in all the information, you choose "Shipping Method PostNL" (Verzendwijze PostNL). The shipment costs will be added automatically. For an example, see the image below:

Choose your country for shipment in the checkout

Choose Shipping Method PostNL (Verzendwijze PostNL), and see what the approx. weight (verzendgewicht) of the package is.